Hyaron(Sodium Hyaluronate) for biorevitalization

Hyaron(Sodium Hyaluronate) for biorevitalization


Ingredients: 1 syringe (2.5ml) contains 25mg of Sodium Hyaluronate

Package: 10 syringes ( Each syringe 2.5ml, more than enough for whole face)

Sodium Hyaluronate is the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, a glycosaminoglycan found in various connective tissue of humans. It has powerful anti-aging properties and is also one of the premier hydrating ingredients for skin, even for oily, sensitive, or breakout-prone skin. It is an anti-aging injection for maintaining elastic, hydration, and even the skin tone. Hyaron sodium hyaluronate is a safe and effective moisturizer and has the ability to bind and hold onto significant amounts of water and at the same time brightening skin tone! It also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and gives skin a more youthful appearance!

As we age, our skin loses the ability to preserve moisture, resulting in the visible loss of firmness, pliability, and plumpness. Hyaron has the ability to replenish moisture that is crucial to having younger-looking, supple skin. At the same time, it revitalizes skin’s outer layers so the skin look and feel softer, smoother, and, glowingly hydrated to instantly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyaron Sodium Hyaluronate also plays an important role in healing wounds, as it safely transports various growth factors and peptides to injured tissue. This allows for proper healing and tissue repair. Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) retain water in the skin, keeping skin properly hydrated.

Hyaron— The Korean Derma Shining Injection (also called the Aqua Shine injection) first hits the Korean market in about 2009, and it gets really peoples in Asia including China, Japan and Hong Kong, Malaysia since 2013 and still hot until now.

It is an anti-aging injection for maintaining elastic, hydration, and even the skin tone. It could also whiten your skin and reduce speckles. Besides using needles, the injection can also be done by an injection machine such as Meso Gun or derma roller. Hyaron is also very gentle, even the most sensitive and redness-prone skin can use it because of its natural calming benefit, which means it can help sensitive skin as well as blemish-prone skin.

A course of treatments Hyaron

For maximum effect biorevitalisation drug Hyaron, recommend two-stage procedures – primary and supportive therapy.

1st stage: 1 session every 10 days, a course of 4-6 procedures.

Stage 2: 1-2 sessions per month.

The number of sessions depends on the initial state of the skin.

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