Dark Walnut

Dark Walnut


Dark Walnut is an iron oxide base pigment. Viewed in the bottle, as well as when first tattooed into the skin, this color appears olive green. Dark Walnut will heal into a medium brown color. The olive green is necessary to compensate for the red undertones prevalent in all brown pigments. This modification reduces the risk of your client's eyebrows turning pink, although it still could occur at any point in time up to 1 year after the initial tattoo application.

To test for a color match and the depth of color, smear a dab on the client's skin. To lighten this color, fill a disposable pigment cap half full of Blending Gold and add drop to drop of Dark Walnut. Mix thoroughly and test for a color match. Dark Walnut can be mixed with any of the eyebrow colors and with some of the camouflaging pigments. Some suggestions on color variations would be mixing in Taupe, Sterling Grey, Black Onyx, Jade or Moroccan, or combinations of two of them or more.

The pigment comes in a 1/2 oz. sealed bottle, packaged with a separate dispensing twist top cap.  

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