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Welcome to the Micro-Pigmentation Centre USA

The Micro-Pigmentation Centre USA is a leading cosmetic tattooing company located in sunny California. Micro-Pigmentation Centre USA is regarded as one of the top producers in the world for cosmetic pigments and we offer a variety of  pigments, accessories, anesthetics and training. It is a business the Micro-Pigmentation Centre USA does well and the company is held in high regard as an industry innovator, a qualified source of information and a supplier of superior products that meet appropriate cosmetics legislation. 

To lead is to improvise and change and never to be complacent. If these are the qualities of a leader then the Micro-Pigmentation Centre certainly qualifies for the title.

The company was born out of the frustrations associated with a fledgling industry with a less than stellar reputation. Frustration with the lack of professionalism, the lack of accessible information and in general tools of the trade that were not up to par let alone any particular quality standards.

Machines used to perform procedures had more flash than substance with most unable to deposit the pigment into the dermis layer of the skin. Available colors had poor performance insofar as retention in the skin, inconsistent quality and the tendency to dry out even in the middle of a procedure. Supplies, for the limited selection offered, were to be purchased from conventional body art tattoo suppliers.

Sterilization was not in vogue with the uneducated reusing needles on different patients & clients, not wearing gloves and even believing that disinfectants and alcohol would ward off hepatitis and like diseases.