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Superior quality color pigments and education for the permanent cosmetic and para-medical tattooing industry. Purity, safety and predictable results for the discerning professional make Micropigmentation Centre USA your source for the best pigments available. 

We are undergoing some changes. Please contact Micro Canada for orders: 877-737-6268

About Us


Meet Debbie Miller, CPCP

Owner of Newport Permanent Makeup and your U.S. source  for Micro-Pigmentation Colors.

"Having been practitioner, educator, lecturer and author in the permanent cosmetics business for over 15 years, I had tried just about every pigment line ever made.  After I discovered Micro-Pigmentation Colors, my search was over. The level of experience, color knowledge, and product quality that went into this pigment line surpasses any others I had worked with. From the companion color book, to the consistency of the pigments, there is just no guess work, no compromise--just gorgeous results, good retention, and residual tones. Skin tones and pigment selection are two very difficult components of permanent cosmetic tattooing. Patricia Shibley-Gauthier, of Toronto, Ontario Canada, inventor and manufacturor of this product, teaches her "Color through the Skin" course all over the world to packed audiences.  Her knowledge of skin tones and compatible color selections is unsurpassed. It just makes sense that she would create such a perfect color line, and I am proud to sponsor and provide these pigments and supplies to the permanent cosmetic industry."


If purity, safety, and predictable results are your criteria for pigments that you choose for your permanent cosmetic and para-medical tattoo procedures, look no further. 

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Micro-Pigmentation Colors will deliver beautiful results based on years of extensive color theory, skin tone theory, and ingredient knowledge to provide the most superior color products world-wide.  It just stands to reason that an expert in color theory and the interaction with colors in the skin would be the perfect person to develop such a high-quality brand of pigments for the permanent cosmetics industry.

Every color is accompanied by a description of ingredients, color undertones, and color direction, for easy selection of the proper color for every skin type and desired effect. Our pigment guide book takes the confusion out of color selection for both the novice and the expert practitioner.

The Micro-Pigmentation Centre headquarters is a leading cosmetic tattooing company located in Toronto, (Mississauga) Ontario, Canada.  With over 20 years in  business, the company is a multifaceted corporation with a world-wide reputation for providing quality innovative products to 31 countries.  This superior pigment line is completely formulated in-house and distributed globally.

The Micro-Pigmentation Centre is held in high regard as an industry innovator, a qualified source of information, and a supplier of superior products.

Head educator, innovator and manufacturer, Pat Shibley-Gauthier, began a journey that led to collaborations with many corporations and individuals who helped educate and provide direction, including one of the worlds largest manufacturers of pigment powders, and the company’s official supplier for the past 21 years. They helped mold the company’s vision of developing a superior line of cosmetic tattoo pigments that would be safe in the skin, hold true without changing once implanted, and support a pallet of colors that had the soft look of aesthetics versus the flamboyant colors of body tattoo pigments.

Debbie Miller, CPCP, industry leader, educator, author, speaker and owner of Newport Permanent Makeup, chooses Micro-pigmentation Colors as her brand of choice to reflect her commitment to quality and superior results in her procedures.  She is the proud distributor of Micro-Pigmentation Colors for the USA.